Demand Planning

Kepion Demand Planning software makes it easy to collaborate across all functional demand planning processes, while increasing forecast accuracy. Kepion for demand planning enables you to quickly adjust statistical forecasts and arrive to a consensus decision on your forecasted demand.

Kepion Demand Planning Software provides:

  • Collaborate across the organization – Collect inputs at any level of the product, customer, and organization hierarchy and define rules based on input accuracy and time horizons.
  • Leverage out-of-box statistical forecasting models and modify methods as needed. Ability to factor market intelligence and seasonality assumptions to the demand planning model.
  • Fine tune new product and promotions with curve-fit & cannibalization modeling and integrating promotion planning directly into your plans. Collaborate effectively with sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Conduct aggregation, disaggregation, allocation, and cell locking.
  • Increase forecast accuracy and reduce bias with full visibility on demand forecast changes over time and drill down to transactional details in CRM and POS systems.

Kepion for Demand Planning provides the intuitive and guided apps for your demand planning team to effectively drive real results.

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Increase Forecast Accuracy

Identify accuracy and exception cases when drilling down to archived demand forecast values. Understand reasons for demand forecast through driver-based modeling and cell change history. Use transactional drill through to breakdown information to details in source systems (i.e. POS, CRM).

Demand Forecast Accuracy

Real-time Monitor & analysis of your Demand Planning Process

Get real-time visibility into your demand planning process. Drill down immediately into where the process is at, who is responsible and have full visibility of company’s actuals and forecasted units. Kepion's interactive dashboards and reports allow you to drill down into details and analyze demand changes, KPIs by products, customers, regions and any other business dimensions.

Operational Process Tracker
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Automatic integration with CRM and POS data

Integrating actual sales and production data from a CRM or other enterprise system is a common need in demand planning. Many demand plans begin with the integration of detailed sales data - units and pricing, sliced by various dimensions. Kepion provides direct integration ties with multiple systems so that both historical sales and future demand forecasts can be view through a single interface.

Data Integration

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Reece is Australia's leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products in Australia with over 450 stores across the country. Reece is using Kepion to deliver an Enterprise-wide business planning solution.

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