Today healthcare industry faces tough financial challenges in integrating planning across the organization. With fluctuations in patient volumes, complex reimbursement processes, and increasing government regulation and costs, it can be difficult to retain high quality patient-care. The ability for finance to plan accurately and quickly is essential. The usage of spreadsheet based solutions in an industry where key elements of your business can change rapidly is ineffective. This is how Kepion solutions can provide answers.

  • Use driver-based, integrated planning and reporting for revenue, expenses, and cash flow.
  • Track KPIs in order to make the effective top-down & bottom-up decisions.
  • Monitor all levels of performance, consolidate data automatically and accurately.
  • Continual re-forecast throughout the year and what-if scenario analysis.
  • Improve your management of staff level, payer percentages and inventory.
  • Track all revenue and expense sources to see your bottom line in real-time.
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Driver-Based Planning for Healthcare

Driver-based planning from inpatient input

Use driver-based modeling to capture interdependencies between revenues and headcount and other costs. Within Kepion, forms such as inpatient revenue plan can be easily leverage where users can input inpatient count based on procedure type, and the billing rate and payor rules can be automatically factored in to output the gross patient revenue.

Plan by Procedure or Department

Organize your plan by procedure or department

Kepion modeler provides a flexible approach to organizing your plan by procedure, department or any number dimension hierarchies. With a hierarchy structure in place, the values just rollup automatically to show the top-line numbers for your healthcare organization in real-time.

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Build Key Performance Indicators for Healthcare

Build key performance indicators to measure performance

Measure your healthcare organization performance with key performance indicators (KPI's). These performance metrics can be easily leverage within Kepion and allows users to drill-down to see individual departments or procedures, or see the overall top-line results.

Customer Spotlight

Zealand Care

Zealand Care

Zealand Care is a leading company that serves municipalities with management, maintenance and distribution of aids for the elderly and disabled citizens in Denmark.

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