Nonprofit organizations require a level of fiscal management that is unparalleled in the business world. Most times budgets encompass many different program locations and must be accurate to the penny. The need for transparency is integral now more than ever; many organizations require approval prior to using funds. The ability to raise funds hinges on the success of your ability to showcase integrity and efficiency in your field. Your time is segmented into courting new donors while cultivating established relationships, while your ability to collect on pledged funds is taking a costly back seat.

Kepion provides non-profit companies a solution that will allow transparency between finance and the rest of the organization so their information is always up to date.

  • Track your spending with greater transparency so potential donors also have complete insight.
  • Stay one step ahead by modeling possible effects on your bottom-line cash flow.
  • Track fundraising endeavors, and model changes to reach goals faster by spending less.
  • Compare different programs to see which are profitable and which ones need work, model different scenarios to get to all programs to the necessary profit levels.
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Easily plan for new grants through drop-down selection

Typically non-profit organizations kick-off a new program with a grant with an appropriated budget. Kepion simplifies the process by enabling drop-down selections for entering in new grant information. Once the amount and time frame is entered, the amount is flowed into the P&L and cash flow projections automatically.

Budgeting for Nonprofits

Revenue Planning for Nonprofits

Enter grants revenue by programs & initiatives

Kepion helps you accurately plan revenues and expenses across the organization with a large number of dimensions. Here the information is consolidated from the grants plan, headcount plan and operating expense plan. Overrides can be applied from the top for re-adjustments to reach the program goal.

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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is a research institute, primarily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which works in the area of global health statistics and evaluation at the University of Washington.

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