Project Portfolio Management

With Kepion, implementing and monitoring copious projects is an easy undertaking. Kepion delivers an agile framework that automatically validates the utilization of resources in accordance with budgets and bottom-line goals.

With each project at hand, managers can quickly assign tasks to personnel, allocate staffing needs, define capacity and billable rates, designate equipment and other key components in the click of a button. At any stage in the planning, managers can hatch what-if scenarios surrounding different metrics and cross compare through multi-level reporting. Kepion doesn’t just simplify your portfolio planning, it leverages the capabilities needed to drive out risks and ensure only the best plans are executed in a matter of seconds.

In this demo, we will walk through a Project Portfolio Planning application which not only helps organizations efficiently and effectively plan and manage project portfolios, but also provides reports and dashboards to increase visibility for key stakeholders.

Kepion Project Portfolio Management Software provides:

  • Business friendly environment to create and oversee projects, aligned with financial targets.
  • An integrated platform where expenses, capital assets, FTE capacity and all relevant project planning data can be managed.
  • Pre-seed capabilities so new projects and tasks can be quickly instilled by copying the data from an existing one.
  • Ability to drill up or down to monitor high-level portfolio details and granular information respectively, all on the same display.
  • Performance and goal achievability tracking with KPIs that ensure plans remain within the margins.
  • Periodic analysis with charts, graphs and company reports produced in real-time.

With all this information displayed on a single platform, users can manage and track the project planning process, and ensure project margins and resource targets are met.

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Real-time planning and reporting

A project manager can use the Project Portfolio Planning application to create projects, update resources and expenses, and see how these changes are layered into financial reports in real time. You can also slice and dice to an individual project and view how it is contributing to the business' overall performance.

Real-time Planning and Reporting

Manage tasks from top-down or bottom-up

It is your choice to manage tasks from the top-down or bottom-up approach. Kepion supports both. You can start by identifying tasks and allocate resources at the higher level, or having project team members enter the details of expense and resource. For example, you can add line item information for equipment required for a project. Simply specify the asset type, and specify its value. Kepion will perform depreciation calculation and allocate the amortizations to the relevant account and time periods.

Line Item Entry
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Stay on track with KPIs

KPIs can be exercised throughout the reporting process to track projects, goals, and overall progress. It enables project managers to conduct side-by-side comparisons between multiple sets of data. In this example, we are comparing allocated budgets with year-to-date actuals to understand how well we are optimizing available resources. It empowers organizations to respond proactively to areas of risk and opportunities.

Kepion Variance Report

Diversify your planning for better visibility

For each project, assign the tasks involved, track its completion by stage, enter threshold dates, and scoped hours. Kepion will automatically translate each task into a Gantt chart to visualize project schedules.

Planning for Better Visibility

What-if scenario analysis

Kepion offers limitless flexibility when it comes to what-if planning. This tool can be very valuable for project planning activities by enabling managers to evaluate and compare ranging outcomes of their projects or project factors before putting a plan to action. This helps improve project predictability and ultimately gives managers the upper hand to respond to alternative situations more quickly and effectively.

With Kepion, what-if scenarios can be hatched on the fly, can be centered around any metric or driver, and can be analyzed at various levels such as the project level, portfolio level and company level all in one place.

While these types of analysis can be relatively simple in nature like calculating revenue by altering the resource level, they can also be utilized for more elaborate procedures. An example of a complex what-if analysis would be running a project forecast that is dependent on performance-to-date along with project and enterprise risks into consideration. Whatever the nature may be, Kepion can easily leverage these capabilities to be conducted in the click of a button.

What-if Analysis

Customer Spotlight


Airport Terminal Services (ATS)

ATS provides aviation ground services in the United States and Canada. Kepion helped ATS with providing a project based budgeting & forecasting tool for their analyst to create contract bids, set targets & reforecast operational expenses and conduct yearly budgeting process for the entire organization.

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