Reporting & Analysis

Kepion provides a reporting and analysis platform that can be leverage by any business user with no special skills or programing experience. With our intuitive point-n-click report building process, you can easily create, bundle and share reports to your intended audience. With the centralized database and OLAP built within Kepion Modeler, users can also tap into the data through SharePoint for management reporting or Excel PivotTables for analysis. Kepion allows users to quickly access their information, navigate quickly to their slice and make informed decisions.

  • Slice and Dice actual and plan data to understand profit by product, expenses by project.
  • Bundle reports and easily share with built-in security for intended audiences.
  • View multi-version variance reporting to compare actual, budget and forecast data.
  • Real-time data is reported at all times, establishing a single version of the truth.
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Slice & dice data

Kepion simplifies the slicing and dicing of your data through search-enabled filter selections. Here you can slice by product group, geography, department or any number of dimensions. The possibilities are endless.

Slice & Dice Data

Report Bundling

Report bundling

Kepion allows you to share your reports individually or in published report books across the organization. These reports can be published to the web in seconds, or embedded within a SharePoint webpart. Kepion filter selections are also enabled for deep-dive analysis by dimensions. Expand and collapse hierarchy structures allow access to detailed views.

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Variance Reporting

Actual vs. everything else

With Kepion, you can quickly leverage custom views of your data side by side to monitor variances between actuals vs. plan or actual vs. forecast. Thus you are able to quickly spot areas of opportunities or problems within your organization.

Customer Spotlight

SudOcean Maritime

SudOcean Maritime

SudOcean Maritime is a global shipping company that handles transports of goods in and out of Argentina to North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Sudocean began using Kepion for allocations planning of budgets and resources to multiple departments across the globe

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