Revenue Planning

Revenue planning is vital to most companies when conducting budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Whether its production plan that integrates costs and revenue with sales unit volumes, or for retail it means planning new store ramp-up, or even for non-profit organizations to plan for membership, pledge drives or other fundraising events.

Kepion Revenue Planning and Sales Forecasting Software provides:

  • Automatically integrate with all your sales & demand data from your CRM or other systems.
  • Conduct what-if analysis based on different revenue scenarios and assumptions.
  • Model driver-based planning modules to drive costs, staffing, capital assets from the sales plan.
  • Spread values over time for upcoming revenue and see immediate impact to bottom line.

Kepion covers the spectrum of planning scenarios in need for dimensions such as product and customer, and for driver-based planning using variations of units times price.

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Use driver-based planning for easy inputs

Instead of entering calculated values derived on your own, utilize Kepion's powerful calculation engine to run the math for you. Simply enter in the driving values, for example unit volume, and Kepion can easily pick up associated prices and output the gross sales for you, in addition to any other calculations associated to these accounts. This is one example of how Kepion help simplifies your life.

Driver-Based Revenue Planning

Automatic integration with sales data

Integrating actual sales data from a CRM or other enterprise system is a common need in revenue planning. Many revenue plans begin with the integration of detailed sales data - units and pricing, sliced by various dimensions. Kepion provides direct integration ties with multiple systems so that both historical and future demand sales can be view through a single interface.

Automatic Integration with Sales Data
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Product Revenue Planning

Top-line view of your organization

Kepion ties together data driven from multiple planning modules so that you would always have a top-line view of your organization. This allows users to easily perform what-if analysis based on different scenarios and assumptions.

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Playtex, an Energizer Holdings company, began using Kepion to forecast brand units for their Playtex Feminine, Banana Boat and Wet One's product line. Kepion was implemented for Playtex as part of the global delivery initiative for Energizer Holdings.

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