Workforce Planning

Planning for your company's workforce can be daunting when handling payroll taxes, bonuses, workers compensation and much more. Ultimately you want these to be the drivers of personnel expenses that show on the P&L.

With Kepion, you can integrate all your HR system data together into a single interface to allows easy inputs of these cost drivers and show the top-line results. These what-if analysis capabilities allows HR to exercise options of hiring start dates, annual raise assumptions, ramp-up costs so that the most optimal decisions are made.

Kepion Workforce Planning Software provides:

  • Automatically integrate with all data from your company's HR tracking systems.
  • Conduct what-if analysis based on different hiring scenarios and assumptions.
  • Model driver-based planning modules to be driven by revenues, staffing needs or budget allocations.
  • Spread values over time for upcoming hiring needs and see immediate impact to bottom line.
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Plan by employee or by groups of employees

Build your personnel plan either with specific employee detail, or groups of employees. Use assumptions tables to manage different workers compensation rates to job codes, bonus percentages to salary grades, or productivity assumptions to billing codes.

Personnel Planning Software

Workforce Planning Process

Drive forward your workforce planning process

Kepion provides a full end-to-end environment for setting strategic targets, analyzing workforce gaps, developing personnel requirements, allocating resources and monitoring cost opportunities & risks. With Kepion, you can streamline your workforce planning process across the organization.

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Automatically calculate payroll costs

Automatically calculate payroll taxes in detail, by employee, subject to wage ceilings, FICA, Medicare, FUTA, and SUTA. Any other personnel-related expenses, such as PTO based on number of months in service, floating days, overtime, shift premium, shift differential, vacation pay, and holiday pay can be calculated automatically as well.

Automatically Payroll Costs Calculation

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Reece is Australia's leading supplier of bathroom and plumbing products in Australia with over 450 stores across the country. Reece is using Kepion to deliver an Enterprise-wide business planning solution.

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