Kepion technology was developed by a team of researchers and developers that have been experienced and skilled on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform for over 10 years. This technology simplifies the planning process for business users to enter their plan information and view their reports, all in a single integrated solution.

Besides innovations seen from a planning perspective, Kepion Modeler also provides simplicity in building and maintaining applications. From building cubes in a couple hours, to maintaining security for thousands of users, there’s no challenge that Kepion can’t handle.

It's so easy to use that any Excel user can learn it.

Industry Best BI Platform

It’s always good to know when you are on the leading business intelligence platform in the industry. With Microsoft Business Intelligence as the backbone of Kepion technology, we are able to harness all the scaling and performance capabilities fit for any size and complexity.

Since Kepion shares a common platform with SharePoint and Microsoft Office, users will be able to take advantage of the seamless integration between the technologies. We provide a familiar environment for those skilled in Microsoft technologies.

OLAP Slice & Dice

One fundamental benefit of using SQL Server as a platform is enabling users to “slice and dice” on multi-dimensional view of data. This allows dynamic interaction of data that is not seen in many other reporting solutions. Whether you need your reports to be seen by years or down to the months, you can simply make a change of a filter selection and immediately see the results.

Kepion provides the modeling capabilities to quickly build an environment for business users to connect directly with Excel PivotTables and start slicing and dicing. With a centrally managed data source, you can ensure that all data are properly structured and validated.

Real-time Aggregation

Microsoft SQL Server provides the platform for Kepion technology to provide real-time aggregation on any dimensionality. Whether it be consolidating P&L accounts across all entities of your organization, or taking a look at yearly targets versus actuals, all can be done in real-time with no effort on the user.

This breakthrough technology helps streamlines the consolidation process and allows for in-depth drill down capabilities. As a result, you get a much deeper understanding of your data and can work faster than conventional methods – up to 100x faster.

Enterprise Scalability

The core architecture of Kepion is focused on overall performance and scalability of the solution. With our proprietary compression technology and lightweight metadata tracking, we are able to keep the system at optimal performance while building planning applications to enterprise scale.

When using Kepion, applications has no limits on the number of dimensions and models that can be built. Users and groups can also be supported in the 1000’s to 10,000’s.