Workforce Planning Software

Deliver workforce plans that drive your performance

Move beyond HR reporting to plan effectively and accurately for the future

Align HR and labor planning with your business

u003cpu003eStreamline and optimize your labor levels and employee-related costsu003c/pu003e

Track labor expenses to maximize performance of your business

u003cpu003eIntegrate your HR systems into a single interface to track labor costs and uncover how your most important resource affects performanceu003c/pu003e

Perform what-if analysis to determine talent strategy

u003cpu003eAssess financial scenarios from optimizing your workforce, understanding the impacts of adjusting start dates, annual raise assumptions and bonus structuresu003c/pu003e

Model your labor plan based on how your business works

u003cpu003eBuild your labor plan with specific employee-level details and costs, or through driver-based calculations using departmental FTE totals and assumptionsu003c/pu003e

Incorporate your workforce planning across your organization

u003cpu003eCreate your HR plan once and let it flow to your operational, financial and strategic plans, providing labor insights automatically and continuouslyu003c/pu003e