High-Tech Planning Solutions

Planning your way in high tech

Today’s high tech companies must reduce costs to stay competitive, stay agile to keep up with innovations and market fluctuations, while maintaining customer satisfaction.

High Tech Planning
High Tech Planning

Track your key metrics for success

Manage the metrics that drive your business, such as revenue growth rate, customer acquisition costs and burn rate, and work to ensure forecast accuracy.

Test different scenarios with ease

Maintain an agile approach to planning by easily spinning up new scenarios, predicting the outcomes that come with shifting market conditions.

Accelerate your planning innovation

Ensure your financial and operational planning keeps pace with the innovations of your market, products and services.

Licencias OnLine

Customer Spotlight

Licencias OnLine are the leading wholesale distributors of software and security solutions in Latin America.

Licencias OnLine uses Kepion’s financial statement reporting software to perform revenue planning on a monthly and yearly basis. They are able to perform what-if analysis to see immediate impacts on their financial statements.