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FAQ about Kepion BI Modeler

These are the questions we hear a lot and you'll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us — we're here to help.

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Getting Started

What is Kepion BI Modeler?

Kepion BI Modeler is a data modeling tool to help accelerate the process for setting up the dimensions, hierarchies, data models & partitions, input forms, business rules and data security. Through a click-through process, you will be able to create and deploy planning and analysis apps for your users to start interacting with BI and CPM solutions immediately.

How can Kepion BI Modeler help my business grow?

Kepion BI Modeler can scale as your business grows. Our flexible app modeling platform allows your business to start with a baseline model for data consolidation and reporting. As your business process grows to more complexity, Kepion can help simplify by automating your complex processes into a streamlined and intuitive process flow within our web interfaces.

Is my business too small to use Kepion Planning?

Kepion provides flexibility for both small and large enterprises to take advantage. Small businesses can leverage one of our pre-built apps to get started quickly, while mid-size to large enterprises can use our Business Intelligence BI modeler tool to build the solutions that fit around the way they work.

How can I get a trial version of Kepion?

Yes, we have a 30 day trail version of Kepion which you can install into your own environment, or within an Azure VM environment. Please contact us to find out more.

How secure is my data in Kepion Cloud?

Kepion leverages the enterprise scale and security of the Microsoft Azure Business Intelligence environment. Over thousands of SMB’s and large enterprises have entrusted their data within this same environment. Kepion also provide full security controls and audit trail of all activities within the environment as well.


How is Kepion licensed?

Kepion is licensed based on a subscription basis for both on-premise and SaaS offerings. Please contact us to find out more.

Implementing Kepion BI Modeler

How do I get started implementing Kepion BI Modeler?

Kepion OnBoarding team will be able to arrange the delivery options you would like to get started with. We have self-service, remote or onsite options available, based on your requirements, resource availability and skillsets.

Is there a list of partners I can connect with to help with my Kepion BI Modeler implementation?

Yes, Kepion has global partners to help work with you locally for implementation, support and training needs. Please contact us to find out which partner is near you.

How long is the Kepion BI Modeler setup process?

Kepion install is a simple straightforward process to install into your own environment. The system requirements for install can be viewed here.

How can I connect with other Kepion BI Modeler experts?

Kepion provides access to the customer community once they become a customer themselves. They are able to access support articles regarding various best practice and issue resolutions. Also ongoing training documentation and videos will be provided.

What support is available to me to get Kepion BI Modeler up and running?

Kepion provides full support to all subscribed customers. We have a support line that is accessible to all Kepion customers. As well as a global partner network that is able to support you on any needs you have that are implementation specific.

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