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Kepion BI Modeler simplifies the solution building process so that any type of user can build a planning application. You can take advantage of the powerful analysis capabilities from Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform through the Kepion BI Modeler.

We eliminate the need for complex cube building by automatically generating everything for you. All you would need to do is point and click. It's that simple. Kepion provides guided interfaces to set up an application with the proper dimensions, models, rules and forms that fit your business need.

Rapid OLAP Cube Development

Rapid OLAP cube development

Building a planning, budgeting or reporting application for your own business can be a daunting process, which may take up lots of time and technical resources.

Kepion does not believe this process should be a pain for any organization. Thus Kepion is here to help you build applications that truly fit around the way your business work. Leveraging OLAP and SQL technologies, the Kepion BI Modeler provides a guided cube building process that allows you to create the applications that fit your business needs, all within a couple of clicks.

All the heavy lifting is done by Kepion. The cubes are automatically generated by Kepion. And since our technology is based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform, you can easily access the cubes through SharePoint 2013 and Power BI tools as well.

Flexible Enterprise Application Development Platform

Most flexible enterprise application development platform

Kepion provides a guided interface for setting up the proper dimensions, models, rules and input forms and reports that fit your business need. By a guided click-through process, you will be able to create and deploy planning and analysis modules for users to start interacting with immediately. Kepion combines together all your enterprise planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting needs into a single integrated corporate performance management (CPM) application.

Intuitive Dimensional Data Modeling

Intuitive dimensional data modeling

The most effective way to leverage the data from your organization for planning and analysis is to build multi-dimensional data models. But it can be intimidating when you have to put a group of technical resources to work on it. Now with Kepion, you can simplify this task for finance, sales or operations to manage.

Kepion provides a simplified approach to managing your company wide dimensions & attributes through a single interface. With easy to use loaders & extractors, you can have a full set of dimensions ready for modeling in a matter of minutes. As a result, you will be able to slice & dice data for in-depth analysis. Fine tune your dimensions also with performance optimization features to bring down you overall use of disk space.

Custom Dashboard Builder

Drag and drop builder for custom forms and dashboards

Kepion allows you to create custom input forms and dashboards that are intuitive to any Excel user. By utilizing all the familiar Excel formatting features, you will be able to customize form views that are gauged for the right audience. Simply assign your data members to the row, column and filter and you can immediately preview your form before publishing.

Afterwards combine multiple forms, filters, key performance indicators (KPI), charts and graphs together onto an open dashboard canvas through a drag-and-drop process.

BI Project Development Cycle

Fast deployment & immediate access

A Kepion implementation takes a fraction of the time of traditional planning software deployment due to the accelerated app modeling platform of Kepion.

With Kepion, you're able to get your applications up and going in a matter of hours or even minutes. Kepion automatically creates the OLAP & SQL structure for deploying business intelligence (BI) application quickly, thus allowing users access within minutes!

Also with Kepion's Hybrid Cloud platform on Microsoft Azure, you will have the choice to deploy to your own environment or within the cloud. No other solution offers this agile approach or flexibility in deployment.

Build Business Rules without the Syntax

Build business rules without the syntax

One of the most complex areas of planning applications is business rules. How rules are developed can affect the performance and functionality of the system. Kepion provides a business rules designer that not only enables calculations on the OLAP cube, but also on the relational tables as well. This allows complex calculations to be executed more efficiently for dynamic what-if scenario analysis. More importantly, Kepion frees your organization from heavy coding requirements to build business rules, which allows the business to focus on the user requirements and bring more value to the business.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Centralized data integration

The essentials of planning and reporting, which includes annual budgeting, rolling forecast, variance analysis and what-if scenario modeling, requires central ties with all data systems. These systems usually involve a General Ledger (GL), Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Human Resource system (HR) and other Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) elements or data warehouses. Within Kepion, you can tie all your information together into one system for quick access and navigation.

Kepion has several options that simplifies the integration process with other enterprise systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Master Data Management Tool - Kepion provides a guided interface for managing all dimension and model data for you applications.
  • Flat File Loaders - Kepion loaders allow users to quickly import data via Excel files and export data to Excel or flat files.
  • Microsoft SQL Integration Services - SQL Server provides out-of-the-box integration tools that connects with all systems including SAP, Teradata, OLE DB, text files, the Microsoft Entity Framework, and other common sources.

CPM on Microsoft BI

Built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform

It's always good to know when you are on the leading business intelligence platform in the industry. With Microsoft Business Intelligence as the backbone of Kepion technology, we are able to harness all the scaling and performance capabilities fit for any size and complexity.

Since Kepion shares a common platform with Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint 2013, Power BI and Microsoft Office, you will be able to take advantage of the seamless integration between the technologies. Kepion provides a familiar environment for those skilled in Microsoft technologies.

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