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Consumers today have the ability to compare prices between you and your competitors just within a few key strokes. This results in stiffer competition and even smaller profit margins. In order to effectively plan for your product line involves integrating demand planning with your production industries. However the spreadsheets that are commonly used to forecast demand and supply, usually results in an inefficient and error-prone process.

Kepion provides a solution that will allow finance to make key changes as they occur so your information is always up to date so you can make key decisions in critical times.

  • Track changes in your production cost; keep a tighter focus on the cost of your materials.
  • Know your customers; reward your profitable resellers with better trade promotion management.
  • Track your promotions and model different promotions at the same time to maximize profitability.
  • Complete what-if scenarios based different drivers so you stay one step ahead of the competition.
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Driver-Based Planning for CPG

Use driver-based planning for easy inputs

Instead of entering calculated values derived on your own, utilize Kepion's powerful calculation engine to run the math for you. Simply enter in the driving values, for example unit volume, and Kepion can easily pick up associated prices and output the gross sales for you, in addition to any other calculations associated to these accounts. This is one example of how Kepion help simplifies your life.

Plan by Geography or Channels

Organize your plan by geography or channels

Kepion modeler provides a flexible approach to organizing your plan by entity, customer channel or any number dimension hierarchies. With a hierarchy structure in place, the values just rollup automatically to show the top-line numbers for your organization in real-time.

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Profit and Loss Report

Top-line view of your organization

Kepion ties together data driven from multiple planning modules so that you would always have a top-line view of your organization. Trade promotions planning, along with cost overhead from production can be integrated into the P&L view. This allows users to easily perform what-if analysis based on different scenarios and assumptions.

Customer Spotlight

Energizer Holdings

Energizer Holdings

Energizer began using Kepion in 2010 as a planning solution that would allow Energizer Global Finance to better integrate sales and promotions planning.

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