Strategic Planning Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Planning your way in oil & gas

Today’s oil & gas companies face price volatility, regulatory changes and restructuring of operations, requiring a planning solution that integrates pipeline, facilities and sites.

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Planning Chart

Planning for upstream, midstream and downstream processes

Create plans that include all sources of data, integrating key metrics and managing all steps of the oil & gas supply chain.

Monitor detailed expenses continuously

Track budgetary spends and key metrics across a wide variety of inputs, focusing on revenue targets, expense budgets and headcount plans.

Driver-based planning for accurate results

Create plans using data such as crude oil prices and exchange rates and easily update planning scenarios when underlying drivers change.


Customer Spotlight

BHP discovers, acquires, develops, and markets natural resources worldwide. BHP was founded in 1851 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. 

Kepion, River Logic and PWC partnered to deliver a platform to BHP for production teams to effectively plan and optimize iron ore mining production and supply chain.