Core Financial Planning

Core Financial Planning deals with integrating balance sheet and cash flow planning with the rest of your organization. This is where balance sheet items can be driven off P&L accounts, capital expenditures, etc. whereas cash flow statement can be formulated based upon the changes of balance sheet accounts. Kepion can integrate all your planning modules together to the core financial statements that matters most to finance, especially when conducting what-if analysis.

Kepion Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning Software provides:

  • Automatic rollups of your chart of accounts, organizational structure, and time periods.
  • Integrate all GL data into one interface to view opening balances and update through rolling forecasts.
  • Perform what-if analysis on different cash requirements scenarios.
  • Consolidation of data with intercompany eliminations, transfer pricing and other related requirements.
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Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Planning

Fully integrated planning

Kepion provides a fully integrated environment that ties planning with the core financial statements: P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. This provides finance the powerful what-if analysis capabilities for showing impacts of for example: acquiring new capital expenditures or increases in headcount plan.

Built-in Financial Accounts Logic

Built-in financial accounts logic

Instead of building your own logic for the chart of accounts, Kepion provides a simplified approach to configuring the hierarchy structure accounts through an easy-to-use interface. This allows flexibility for you to configure the accounts based on how your company works.

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Single view of your data

One of the toughest challenges of planning is extracting the needed information from separate data sources across the organization. In Kepion, you will always have insight from all data sources within a single interface.

Single Source of Truth for Planning and Reporting

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Catalent, a worldwide provider of advanced drug delivery and packaging technologies, is using Kepion for their expense planning across multiple departments within the organization. This budgeting process has dramatically reduce Catalent's budgeting time from months to a couple weeks.

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