Hospitality Planning Solutions

Planning your way in hospitality

Today’s hospitality companies face stiff competition and a volatile economy where planning is an essential tool required to adjust to changes in the market and to track and manage costs.

Expense Forecast Accuracy

Driver-based planning for accurate results

Create plans that help you manage your service-based business, providing insights into customer loyalty programs and personnel hiring and expenses.

Flexible planning to manage uncertainty

Respond to change and pivot your strategies at the speed of business, adapting as the market changes and understanding impacts to your bottom line.

Increase efficiencies and maintain margins

Manage expenses at the top or the most detailed level, tracking and reducing costs to ensure you can focus on key metrics such as customer service and growth.

Tourism Australia

Customer Spotlight

Tourism Australia is a governmental agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia for leisure and business events. 

Kepion is used to easily deploy budget templates worldwide and to automatically consolidate data for regional and head office visibility.