Pharmaceutical Business Planning Solutions

Planning your way in pharmaceuticals

Today’s pharmaceutical companies must maintain agility in their planning and ensure accuracy and complete insights into their business to make better decisions, faster.

Scenarios Chart

Flexible planning by product or sales rep

Organize your plan by product, distribution channel, sales rep or any way that your business tracks performance.

Manage volatility and easily adapt to change

Prepare for changes due to regulations, scientific innovations and competitive pressures, generating scenarios to highlight risks and areas of opportunity.

Meet future demands profitably

Align your sales and operations, demand and supply planning, and inventory optimization to gain control of your supply chain and maximize profits.


Customer Spotlight

Bayer is one of the largest manufacturers of OTC drugs in the world, with production facilities in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

Kepion is being used by Bayer for revenue and cost planning, as well as management reporting across countries.