Resource Planning Software for Professional Services

Planning your way in professional services

Effectively track multiple projects across resources, customers and departments, controlling headcount, resource allocation and project margins.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Driver-based planning from project hours

Automatically calculate utilization and project revenues using the number of hours submitted and consultant billing rates.

Increase utilization and reduce costs

Track utilization and expenses by resource, project and region, identifying discrepancies against your plan to maximize project and practice margins.

Optimize resources and maintain your bench

Manage the ongoing challenge of optimizing your billable resources while maintaining an adequate level of bench capacity.


Customer Spotlight

Datacom is one of the largest Australasian IT service companies, employing over 4000 people across 27 offices globally.

Datacom uses Kepion to streamline revenue forecasting, personnel planning and capex planning, providing real-time what-if analysis and financial reporting.