Workflow Dimension Permission

Configure workflow dimension security.

Security Management

Kepion supports out of the box a powerful security management system that both scales and allows for complex security setups – right down to dimension member access. In this article, we walk through the process of configuring security for a typical application. Each step comes with a short description, … Read More

Identify User Membership in SQL Server

In production environment, users membership can get complicated due to nested user groups. The following query gives an overview of the mapping of all users and user groups. Here is a sample result. Please note, this result has unfolded all the nested user group relationship.

Add Script to Kepion Default Web Page

You can enter a custom script to the Kepion default webpage (e.g. set up Google Analytics tracking) by using the Web Page->HEAD module.  Include your script by typing into the HEAD text box and click Save.  For example: Once saved, you can hit F5 to reload the page in IE.  … Read More


You can now limit access to certain regions within the MODELER and ADMINISTRATOR module by user or user-defined role. When Restriction is applied to a user-defined role, all the users belong to that role will inherit the restricted regions. By default, Full Access is checked, meaning all regions under … Read More