Plan around the way you work with a reliable business management software

Enable sales, finance, operations, IT, and HR departments to effectively plan on a single platform. Department-specific, our all-in-one business management software is tailor-made to work for you.

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One-Stop Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Connect your corporate finance and departments into a real-time, integrated plan with our business management software. Ensure your forecasts reflect your true operations and the reality of the challenges that you face today.

Revenue Planning

Use our business management software to connect your corporate finance and departments into a real-time, integrated plan. Get forecasts that reflect your actual operations and display the realistic challenges you experience day in and day out.

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Expense Planning

Simplify and streamline expense planning and analytics. Gain more accuracy in departmental budgets, identify cost savings, and track company spend.

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Workforce Planning

Automatically integrate with your HR systems and use financial results to optimize your workforce and streamline labor levels and costs.

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Capex Planning

Consolidate asset planning with Opex, HR, and Cash Flow planning. Manage your assets, automate depreciation, and perform driver-based planning for capital expenditures.

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Achieve Rolling Forecasts

Move to a rolling forecast with a dynamic and accurate process that reflects your constantly changing business.

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Incorporate Scenario Planning

Use business management software to anticipate market changes and develop new plans quickly with a flexible solution that provides instant what-if analysis.

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Include Real-Time Metrics

Make decisions with confidence by including real-time operational metrics and data into your plan.

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Collaborate Across the Enterprise

Move your plan beyond finance by including all departments into a comprehensive and collaborative plan across your organization.

Great product team with loads of knowledge. Nice web interface and super fast deployment and development capacity.

Kevin Zheng
CPM Delivery Director, DXC Technology