Data Doesn’t Get Updated in Forms

Symptom When users update data in forms and click post, data doesn’t get updated in forms.  It reverts back to what it was before updating.  However, when you look into fact table, data does get updated. Resolution It is a known issue on SSAS server.  SSAS server somehow goes … Read More

Warning Message Complaining Confliction of Language Setting

Symptom The following message pops out when users try to ‘Save’ the submission. It says this workbook/dashboard was saved in a different language setting and it asks users to update the language to a particular one. Resolution This is a warning to let the user know that the saved … Read More

Cannot Add Dimension Member in Modeler

Symptom When adding dimension members, ‘phantom’ members show up. The green circle spins forever, and you cannot modify any fields. Resolution This issue happens when KepionSI doesn’t have permission to write into the sys tables. Please follow our setup guide and ensure all required permissions have been granted. This particular … Read More

Error at Import Dashboard

Symptom When importing a dashboard .xml file, you get this error reporting ErrorInLine with Arguments: 1, 2. Resolution There are two ways to import and export dashboard. The first is to import and export the whole dashboard. It can be done at All Dashboard node. The second is to … Read More

Timeout Error When Running Rules

Symptom When posting data and/or running a rule in a dashboard page, a HttpRequestTimeOutWithoutDetail error occurs, as shown below. Resolution This indicates that it takes more time than the system setting to run the SQL rule. By default, the timeout setting for the rule is 600 seconds. You can … Read More