Fix for Violation of Primary Key Constraint Error

Symptom When user posts in Apps, an error message pops out stating violation of primary key constraint. Resolution This issue is related to a bug with SQL Server. The details can be read here. FIX: Sequence object generates duplicate sequence values when SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 … Read More

Why My APPS Are Disappeared?

Symptom In APPS page, the app that was once available disappeared all of a sudden. Resolution Your workflow may be expired. Please check the workflow status in ADMINISTRATOR. The icon of expired workflow turns gray in the right navigation section. To activate the workflow, you can simply modify the … Read More

Cannot Find Application When Attaching

Symptom When trying to attach applications, this window doesn’t return any database from SQL Server. Resolution Please first verify that you are pointing to the right SQL server. It is suggested using server name or IP address instead of localhost. If you confirmed you are referring to the right … Read More

Errors in the Metadata Manager in Apps

Symptom In apps, users encounter an error message reporting that an error occurred when loading database role from file. Resolution The error is coming from Analysis Services. SSAS depends on the file system and for some reason, the files appear to be getting corrupted on a regular basis. Please … Read More

No Mapping Between Account Names and Security IDs Error at Deployment

Symptom Error occurs at deployment.  Error message: The following system error occured: No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done. Resolution Please perform an AD sync in Administrator.