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Dashboard Rule Component

By - Updated August 31, 2017

You can configure one or more SQL rules to run independently on a dashboard by using the Dashboard Rule Component.

Add Dashboard Rule Component

Each dashboard rule component can be associated with its own action button, SQL rule and execution behavior.  The configurable behaviors include:

Rule: you can select from all the SQL rules within the application.

Form: if the SQL rule is associated with user input on a form, you can select a form from the current dashboard page.  It is not required to tie a dashboard rule to a form.  You can leave it blank if not needed.

Auto Close: this will cause the execution window to close on rule completion.

Auto Run: this will cause the rule to run automatically when users Post the plan.

Clear Form: this will cause the associated form to clear all changes on rule completion.

Preserve Parameter: this will preserve rule parameters between each run of the dashboard rule component.

Business users of the dashboard can click on the dashboard rule component and use the rule execution window to enter parameters and view results.  Please see the following article to see how to pass messages back to the user.  Also note that only business users with the Advanced Contributor role will be able to perform this action.

Run Dashboard Rule Component