Capital Asset Planning

Planning for your organization's capital assets can be rather challenging when it's not integrated with the company's core financial statements: the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. With Kepion, capital acquisition planning can be driven from other planned activities, such as new headcount, increased production or company expansions. Depreciation, debt schedules and interest expenses should be automatically calculated accordingly.

Kepion Capital Asset Planning Software provides:

  • Integrate capital asset planning with core financial statements including P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
  • Use of drivers such as headcount or production units to plan new capital expenditures.
  • Spread capital spending into depreciation expense over time and see immediate impact to balance sheet and cash flow statements.
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Auto Calculated Depreciation

Automatically calculate depreciable value over time

Based on how much is entered for an asset amount and type, Kepion can automatically calculate depreciable value over time and interest expense from debt over time. This can also be integrated onto the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Integrated Planning Process

Integrated Planning Process

Kepion provides an integrated environment for finance to control how each new capital asset flows through to the company's core financial statements. Depreciation and interest expense can be automatically calculated, resulting expense folded into the P&L, and balance sheet automatically updated with new fixed assets.

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Driver-based planning for new assets

Capital asset planning should be relatively simple. New headcount or production units can automatically drive new capital expenditures. In Kepion, you are able to simply enter a new asset item and type, and the rest is done for you.

Driver-Based Capital Asset Planning

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Medanito, a leader in oil & gas exploration and production services in Argentina, is using Kepion to provide KPI target setting capabilities to replace their existing excel spreadsheet process.

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