Supply Planning

Kepion Supply Planning Software empowers you to re-plan for production, material and capacity requirements to meet demand. Kepion's integrated supply chain planning software allows you to compare scenarios in real time on your supply chain network, including lead times, resources, multi-level BOMs, and sourcing locations.

With Kepion's Supply Planning Software, you can:

  • Quickly adjust demand and supply parameters and see immediate impact of planning results across the global supply chain. Supply plan can be conducted at weekly, sub-weekly or monthly time levels across different locations, BOMs, capacity and material constraints.
  • Conduct “what-if” scenarios in response to disruptions like plant shutdowns, material reductions and demand spikes. Compare scenarios on-the-fly, even when master data changes within the supply chain network.
  • Manage global inventory by setting current and projected inventory positions to support fluctuating demands and supply variability. Complete inventory KPI's and see immediate P&L impact based on supply planning decisions. Set inventory targets across locations.

Kepion's Supply Chain Planning Software provides flexible capabilities to drive supply planning according to your process and needs.

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Interactive Supply Planning

Have the ability to adjust sourcing allocations, demand and receipts, as well as capacity and material to support demand. Modify calculations and inputs, and view unconstrained and constrained demand in real time.

Supply Planning

Inventory Visibility and Projections

Gain complete visibility on inventory quantities, costs and KPIs across your global supply chain. Balance inventory targets with supply chain capacities to avoid excess and obsolete inventory.

Inventory Planning
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Financial Impact on Supply Chain Planning

Have an operationally driven process to see immediate financial impact to meet revenue margin goals. Flexibility to extend model with additional KPIs, alerts and cost modeling. Have a complete view of supply dependencies across all entities and product lines.

Integrated Business Planning

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WEG is a global producer of industrial motors to across all continents around the world. WEG began using Kepion for their Australian subsidiaries to streamline their planning and budgeting process across their diverse product line.

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