What is Corporate Performance Management (CPM)?


Despite the fact that we have written lots about both Corporate Performance Management (CPM) (this post on How Dashboards & Scorecards Can Improve Your Financial Reporting & this post detailing 5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need New CPM Financial Software) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) (this post on How to Improve Revenue Planning with do whatever you want to update […]

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Three Keys to Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

Achieving Sustainability with Corporate Performance Management Sustainability means different things to different people. To some, it is an invitation to corporate social and environmental responsibility alongside its financial responsibility to its shareholders. This is the so-called “triple bottom line” concept. To others, it means management of governance or social issues. No matter how you define do whatever you want to update […]

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The Tone at the Top’s Influence on Corporate Performance Management

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One of the mysteries that I have pondered is why organizations are so slow to adopt enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) methods. Why is the application of strategy maps to define an organization’s strategic objectives to determine key initiatives, core processes and performance measures displayed in scorecards and dashboards so gradual? Why do CFOs do whatever you want to update […]

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