Why You Need To Upgrade Your Business Budgeting Software


Running a business is rather a daunting task that requires owners to carefully plan, organize and execute business strategies and at the same time take care of their finances in the most judicial way to excel and earn high profits. In today’s business climate, there is no room for companies who are unwilling to invest do whatever you want to update […]

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Why Is Performance Management Important?


Have you ever asked yourself the question: why is performance management important? You know why finance is rapidly moving to the cloud and you know why financial dashboards matter and how they can help your firm. You are fully aware of the ways in which spreadsheets are a weakness to your work-flow, and you have memorized the ways to improve your do whatever you want to update […]

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How to Use CPM Software to Evaluate Corporate Performance 


What is corporate sustainability? Sustainability means different things to different people. To some, it is an invitation to corporate social and environmental responsibility alongside its financial responsibility to its shareholders. This is the so-called “triple bottom line” concept. To others, it means management of governance or social issues. No matter how you define it, the evaluation do whatever you want to update […]

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Is Your Budgeting Process Broken?

Improve Your Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting in 2023 How many people in your organization love planning, budgeting, and forecasting? Probably none. The mere mention of the name “budget” raises eyebrows and evokes cynicism. It should. There is much to laugh about when describing the agonizing annual budget and forecasting processes: Common Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting do whatever you want to update […]

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What are BI and CPM – and Which Should You Choose?

High Tech

For an organization to manage their performance, they need to be able to interact with their data in meaningful ways. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions focus on information delivery, while Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platforms are more robust, with access to deeper planning and reporting tools. While CPM and BI can often look very similar, as do whatever you want to update […]

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Why Agility in Planning Leads to Better Business | Kepion Solution


The phrase “agility in planning” has become a common discussion thread in finance and sales organizations and across all industries. 2020 brought widespread instability in businesses; no one could have predicted the impact of a global pandemic, a new virtual standard for company operations, and unknown impacts to markets across all industries. Many companies have do whatever you want to update […]

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xP&A Accelerator: Improve Performance in 7 Steps | Kepion Solution


xP&A refers to extended planning and analysis—the implementation of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) across an entire business. This approach unites a company’s disparate divisions through a single and centralized FP&A platform, providing a “single source of truth” for company performance. In effect, each division can develop effective business plans and strategies because of access do whatever you want to update […]

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Why are Companies Searching for SAP BPC Alternatives? | Kepion Solution


Whether you are considering adopting SAP BPC or have already, it is important to understand the total cost of ownership, the flexibility of the solution, and the product roadmap and innovation. With the announcement of SAP BPC roadmap discontinuing support on Microsoft and NetWeaver (by end of 2024) companies are looking for alternatives. This is do whatever you want to update […]

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How to Leverage Your SAP BPC Microsoft Investments? | Kepion Solution

How to Leverage Your SAP BPC Microsoft

You are not alone in facing the news that your SAP BPC Microsoft solution will no longer be supported.  When considering alternative solutions, not only is it important to seek a solution that can easily transition your existing SAP BPC Microsoft models, data, forms and rules, but it also creates an opportunity to find a do whatever you want to update […]

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