xP&A: Unlocking Insights through Extended Planning and Analysis

In business management, Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) has revolutionized how organizations approach financial planning and analysis. By incorporating a broader range of data sources and leveraging advanced analytical techniques, xP&A enables businesses to unlock strategic insights for informed decision-making and long-term success. This article will explore the concept of xP&A and its power in do whatever you want to update […]

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Financial Reporting: Why is it Important?

Two people discuss a business' financial reporting.

Financial reporting serves as a fundamental pillar of modern business operations. It provides invaluable insights into a company’s financial performance, enabling business owners and managers to make well-informed decisions about their operations. We delve into the intricacies, emphasizing its significance and highlighting the many benefits it offers businesses. What Constitutes Financial Reporting? Financial reporting encompasses do whatever you want to update […]

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Sales & Operations Planning Guide

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a critical process for any business looking to optimize its sales process, reduce costs, and increase revenue growth. S&OP aligns sales, operations, and financial objectives to create a plan for the future that can improve business performance. This article explores the basics of Sales & Operations Planning, the benefits do whatever you want to update […]

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Why Is Performance Management Important?


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is performance management important? You know why finance is rapidly moving to the cloud and you know why financial dashboards matter and how they can help your firm. You are fully aware of the ways in which spreadsheets are a weakness to your work-flow, and you have memorized the ways to improve your sales and do whatever you want to update […]

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A Quick SAP BPC Overview By Kepion

How to Leverage Your SAP BPC Microsoft

If you’ve been hit hard by the news that your SAP BPC Microsoft solution will no longer be supported in the near future, you’re not alone. When considering alternative solutions, it is important to seek a solution that can easily transition your existing SAP BPC Microsoft models, data, forms, and rules. Additionally, this is an do whatever you want to update […]

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How to Select the Best CPM Software for Your Medium-Sized Business

How to Select the Right CPM Software For Your Medium

In our last post, we detailed what exactly Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is, why using the best CPM software is important, who CPM is important for and what the business benefits of cloud-based are. In case you missed it, CPM is important for every company, but especially those looking to: Because CPM software can be do whatever you want to update […]

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Understanding Your Corporate Performance Management Market Size

Complete Spectrum of CPM services

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software or business performance management is an umbrella term generally used to describe a methodology or a process that helps businesses manage the success of their company. Another way to think of corporate performance is as the collective accomplishments, successes, and failures of an organization. Important to all, the new improved do whatever you want to update […]

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